Hitting the nail on the head

When we here at the MCRC are publishing our quarterly trends reports (http://www.finjan.com/Content.aspx?id=827), we are always facing the possibility that what we have been working on and predicting that would become the next issue with web security, isn’t really going to happen.

Fortunately, we keep getting great feedback from the community since we started the publication, and were able to correctly predict and analyze way in advance every major trend in the field. From dynamic code obfuscation, advertising as an attack vector, affiliation networks for distributing code, crimeware toolkits, evasive techniques in malicious code writing, and the latest crimeware Trojans, and widgets and gadget insecurity.

We were always able to step back and see how what we have been analyzing in the last couple of months is becoming the new pet-peeve of the web security community and its surrounding media coverage. So once again, thank you Symantec, IBM and everyone else who have acknowledged our latest research, and we’ll be looking forward to the next quarter…

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