The oracle strikes again – “Browser OS” threats start to appear

Moving on from the social networking issues we outlined in the past couple of weeks, after following the predictions, and their materialization (here, here, here in the announcement of Gmail offline, here, and here), we can already see the “Browser OS”, as we dubbed it in our annual threat and predictions report, begin to materialize as well.

As per a recent Register article, threats related to Google Gears™ have started to appear – taking advantage of the extended capabilities granted to the browser – just like we predicted in our report. We named Google’s Gears, Adobe’s Air and Microsoft’s Silverlight as the prominent technologies that would be the enabler for the “Browser OS” and would be scrutinized for their security implications.

As always, we are not here to say “nay” to every new technology – just the opposite these technologies are the future, and they enable businesses and individuals alike to be more productive and have a better web experience. The only claim here is that more focus should be put on measures that take these technologies into account when implying to provide internet and web security, and enough forward looking vision to execute on it.

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