Twitter spam – Spitter? Tpam?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past couple of years, you have been exposed to Twitter in some shape or form. Having adopted the means of socializing myself not too long ago (been researching it’s security since day-0, jumped on the bandwagon a few months ago), you have to live with the bad aspects of social networks again.

When you finally think that a social network platform would get immune from the perils of spam and malicious content, it’s funny to see how spammers – especially on the adult content side have been using Twitter to peddle their stuff… Instead of Tweeting it again (, I decided to pay respects with a full blog post.


So here are my 2 new followers (the one mentioned on my older tweet has fled – probably didn’t get what they signed up for 😉 ), I’ll be sure to keep checking out these trends and make sure that nothing beyond the traditional and mostly harmless content (unless you consider NSFW dangerous – no malweb so far there).

See you all in Vegas (!

Update: OK, this can go out in the open now (had to make sure that this went public already…) pushing malweb through Twitter has been going on for a while, a funny example below shows the usage of the same malicious URL being pushed by “foot soldiers” across multiple trending topics as they change over time:


And the Tweet of the day for me is an attempt to “whore” the trending topics in order to promote an adult site:


Obviously all the keywords at the time this was published were on the trending top list…


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