Drawing the line – securing an organization while thinking of users…

My latest post on the Israeli Insurance Association (http://www.igudbit.org.il/Index.asp?ArticleID=1235&CategoryID=98 [HEBREW]) discusses the challanges of managing risk in a complex organizational environment where you have to take into account end-users meddling with data.

In Israel, insurance agencies are not yet at the stage where they provide full access to insured parties online to their insurance and policy information, but should be getting ready to do so. Some of the considerations and implications of creating the infrastructure for such access is discussed in the article in light of the risk management requirements set forth by regulation for such organizations. Financial institutions have been facing the same issues for years now since online banking have become a standard so it’s a great opportunity to reexamine what policies are applicable and what technologies can be used to enforce them in a very similar environment.

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  1. Great issue, I didn’t thought reading this was going to be so amazing when I looked at your title with link!!

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