AHA! A blast from the past…

I just ran across this great blog post from Lori MacVittie at Web2.0 Journal. Can’t say exactly why it sparked my interest, but after reading it I realized this may be Freudian… The proposed Anonymous Human Authentication (AHA – great acronym Lori!) proposed in it closely resembles a technology we worked on back in the days of BeeFence.

I’m not putting any links to BeeFence since it was a startup I had the honor to be one of the founders of (which obviously went down the road of many other startups…), but the neat thing about it was the technology (did I mention I was the CTO 😉 ). Basically – we had what we called “Active Validation” (or sometimes “Interrogation”) of sessions. We generalized it a bit more to cover additional protocols rather than just focus on Web2.0 (think what it can do to the NIDS/IPS world…).

Makes me think of getting back on the startup bandwagon, although I’d have to make some sense out of the drawer-full of ideas I’ve been filling over the past few years having been engaged in web security and cloud security recently… you never know 🙂

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