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I have been fortunate enough to be picked up by several CFP of great conferences, which basically gave me the opportunity to participate at conferences I wanted to go to anyway, as well as to present some of the research in the CyberCrime/CyberWar field.

After BlackHat Europe (see related post), I will be speaking at:

ph-neutral – Basically the real deal… If you are FoFX (Friends of FX) expect to rub shoulders with some of the world’s best security experts

AthCon – A new regional conference in Greece, close to home, sponsored by some great guys from encode, and a very interesting lineup of speakers.

FIRST Conference – If you have ever dealt with incident handling, CSIRT, CERT, and alike, this is the conference to be at. A whole day workshop, and 5 full days packed with great talks in sunny Miami. Can’t go wrong…

BruCON – Brussel’s local security conference. Last year has been EPIC (so I’ve heard from authoritative sources 🙂 ) and this year is shaping up to exceed the expectations!

These are the confirmed ones for now…

Also check out the following conferences which I plan to attend (i.e – are cool and have great content):

DefCon, BlackHat US, BSidesLV – you better know these by now…

ExcaliburCon – THE security conference in China. Held at WuXi (not far from Shanghai), and offers a great mixture of local (Chinese) hackers and international ones. Spoke there last year, if you are looking to expand to the Chinese market this is the conference to be at (and sponsor!).

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