Upcoming conferences schedule: August-November 2011

So, as if I didn’t have enough flights this year, here is where you can find me and hang out / grab a beer / talk shop / hack:


BSidesLV (August 3-4). If you are in Vegas in August, this is THE place to be. I’ll be running a couple of talks there – one with my colleague Itzik Kotler on VoIP botnets, and another on advanced data exfiltration. I’ll also be on the PTES panel, and will help out with the conference security.

DefCon (August 5-7). I’ll also be presenting at DefCon with Itzik on VoiP botnets.


Brucon (September 19-20). Seriously one of the best cons out there. And you get to enjoy the Belgian beer. What can go wrong? 🙂


Hashdays (October 26-29). First time for me at this conference. Friends who attended in the past can barely be reached for comments. This year’s badge will blow away any badge you have ever seen in a con. Oh, and the lineup is sick!


GovCERT.NL symposium (November 15-16). This is one of the best CERT teams I have had a chance to know (people-wise as well as professionally), and I’m really excited to have a chance to work with them again on some of the more burning issues in national level security.

SecurityZone (November 28-30). Finally – Latin America. Again – my first time at this conference. Looking at the speaker lineup this should be really fun, and the opportunity to mix in with the local Colombian security scene should be terrific!

Bottom line – really excited to have a chance to attend and speak at all these cool conferences. This year’s con selection has been focused on events that I’m familiar with and know are really good, and some new events with people I know and trust to run a top-notch conference (a policy that haven’t failed me yet…).

See you around!


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