SecurityZone – to finish this year with a bang!

So, some of you have heard of SecurityZone, some are skeptical and some just jealous. Here’s the gist of it from my view:


  • Awesome lineup. We managed (and I allow myself to say we as I might have had some help with getting some of the speakers) to get some of the coolest names in the industry with cutting edge security content. To think that this is a first time conference, I would have cut off a kidney to get a lineup like that. Yet it’s on!
  • Workshops – I’m super excited to be part of the workshops. For some reason (don’t ask me how) the notorious Chris Nickerson and yours truly will have a chance to basically go all-out on a red-team testing workshop. I cannot guarantee the sanity of participants at the end of the day, but I’ll be damned if they won’t at least enjoy it. Subtle hint – buy us drinks and more fun is guaranteed ;-). Now take a look at the other workshops. I know… tough choice!


  • Come on, it’s Cali, Colombia! What can go wrong in a city that calls itself the capital of Salsa. That sits in one of the more beautiful places in northern south America, and that brings the warmth and hospitality of the locals to tourism. Haven’t been there yet, and I’m already sold – just based on reading some online, working with the relentless SecurityZone organizers (huge shout-outs!), and talking to people who already visited the place.


  • My roots actually go back to south america. My dad managed to visit Argentine just this year for the first time since he was a kid, and for me an opportunity to get a little closer to the culture was something I just couldn’t pass on…
So, bottom line – this looks like just the perfect grand finale to an awesome year of the Dirty Security World Tour 2011. Very excited to meet everyone from the crew, and especially to meet new people – locals and whoever makes the smart choice and picks this as an international security conference to attend.