Social media and online interaction are dramatically changing the way our companies and employees interface with society at large. Recent examples of people tweeting or posting something silly or offensive and being responded to by doxxing or even threats of physical abuse are, unfortunately, becoming more common.

Today SIRA member Alex Hutton and Ian Amit are publicly announcing an open (free as in speech, free as in beer) project to help security departments identify social media presences that are more “at risk” to negative reactions and general information security risk. This framework of indicators is a little something we’re calling “Social Media Risk Metrics” (catchy, right?). SMRM is being introduced at Derbycon today complete with a demonstration, worksheet tool, and suggestions for further development.

The mind map is available here:

The calculation tool on Google Sheets is available here:

Additionally, here are some of the links mentioned in the talk, these are all tools that can be used as part of the OSINT collection and analysis that is part of the SMRM.
Predicting elections paper:
Sentiment analysis tools:


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