My formal education is in Computer Science (BA from the Interdisciplinary Center) where I have been more than formally educated and had a chance to meet a lot of new friends (teachers included…).

The surroundings also enabled me to conduct in some research (see academic projects) and keep on working in the same time.

Besides the formal education, I am a firm believer in self teaching – as in “huh, that looks interesting, lets see how it works…” (That’s how you end up being a “good” hacker working for an information security consulting company and heading their Unix & Internet department…). This is the real thing. I would not say that the University did not give me a lot (believe me it did!), but I do believe that a lot of people can go to the University, and end up with a degree that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on (unfortunately I meet people like that from time to time – and it does not matter how high or low their University is ranked…).