Author: iamit

  • Google’s “Ghost in a Browser”, WebSense, and more…

    First things first – big Kudos to Google for their research paper. We at MCRC have found it to be very reassuring for us – now we know we are not the only nuts out there running around in the security arena and wondering how come nobody sees the imminent threats described in the paper. […]

  • Tying it all up – explosive exploits…

    The funniest thing happened yesterday – at a watercooler conversation our CTO informs us of a site that uses techniques from almost all of our trend reports (which means we are right as usual…). The interesting part was that it was one of those “iframe” sites that give you a small iframe html code to […]

  • Analyzing an AJAX Attack Vector in the wild

    We have just finished working on a new monthly released paper that will focus on a new “page” (dubbed “Malicious Page of the Month”). This month we have analyzed an AJAX attack vector found by our labs in the wild. The interesting thing to note is how attackers are utilizing new technologies and kind’a show […]