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  • Are you LinkedIn/Facebooked/Twittered/Beboed/Viadeoed/etc?

    I’ve just finished reading a great little note from Brian Krebs on the Washington Post that enabled me to “out” (don’t worry, I won’t) an incident that some of us in the security industry have been following in the last few days. One of “ours” has been hijacked on Tweeter, and the impersonator who hijacked […]

  • Credit cards on a clearance sale and your internet security

    You may have already gotten yourself familiar with how eCrime works from our past research and field presence, but here is one more great example of this fascinating business: This article at the Washington Post covers the drop in prices of stolen credit cards. It talks about how a surge of “fresh merchandise” has hit […]

  • Fighting eCrime? We are not there yet!

    I was just reviewing the latest FBI report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) here (PDF), and although I’m sure that a lot of security vendors out there are going to jump on the “33% increase in internet fraud last year” statements, looking into the actual numbers, it’s important to realize how “off” they […]

  • Are you Conficker-proof? Do you really need to be?

    What a great way to sum up my last couple of posts – the Conficker media frenzy, and social aspects of web attacks. You can’t come up with these things anymore… Seems (for now) that the only real thing that came out of the Conficker issue is the fact that INFECTED machines started to look […]

  • Conficker madness – good or bad?

    Just like BBC’s botnet debacle which fueled a vivid discussion amongst security circles, debating if the exposure is good (i.e., raising awareness to the threat) or bad (i.e., not really ethical, everyone knew about the ability to rent a botnet), CBS’s 60 minutes had a 15 minute spot focusing on Conficker. Check it out here: […]

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