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  • Social aspects of web security – the March edition

    It’s that time of the year again… March madness is engulfing us with news and pre-season activities, and everyone is out and about to see what we would be seeing in the coming months. Just as we have portrayed before, eCrime is a social animal just as well, and is not going to let the […]

  • The great AV vs. AV debacle starts again?

    It’s been a while since security vendors clashed on technology and made “bold” statements referring to the competition. Maybe is the recession, and in an attempt to grab some attention (and bolster sales), come statements such as “Heuristics are dead” (with a response from Sunbelt), and a direct jab at a competitor from Damballa. My […]

  • It’s a browser! It’s an Operating System! It’s… brOSer?!

    After looking into the security issues and requirements that Microsoft has been working on in terms of the future browser, and based on our earlier predictions on the matter, comes an interesting interview with Google’s Chrome Javascript head Lars Bak. Specifically check out the 3rd page of the article which discusses the ever increasing ambiguity […]

  • More on the browser OS – from Microsoft Research

    After talking about how your next operating system is not going to be related to Windows or Mac or Linux (hint – you are reading this post using it… more details on our Annual report and predictions paper), I came across this research from Microsoft (direct to the PDF here) that talks about how to […]

  • If Gears was a problem then how about running Gmail offline on Air?

    So, yesterday I wrote about the new (and much expected) vulnerabilities in Google’s Gears technology. The issue is clear – Gears is picking up speed and traction as Google’s applications start to use it (i.e. Gmail, Docs, etc…) and its security model is being scrutinized. And then I stumbled across GeeMail. It’s basically offline Gmail […]