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  • Hacking, community, friends, and professionalism

    Adult. What a weird concept. I keep finding myself saying that word in different contexts, and it feels weird because deep inside I’m still pretty much a non-adult (can’t really say kid, so non-adult would work best here). Lately, all the buzz was around (another) overblown drama in the infosec community, fueled by emotions, friendships, […]

  • OSINT Links

  • Women in infosec? That thing again?

    I usually don’t weigh in on the topic, well, because I don’t have the right equipment for once, and furthermore, I think that the majority of discussions around it are led by people who woefully misrepresent most of the women in infosec that I know. But I have to share this: Jennifer J. Minella (@jjx on twitter) […]

  • [Offtopic] AirPlay on the home network

    Just a quick share on something that made me very happy this week (that’s what happens when the wife is not around): Enabling AirPlay on a non-apple device to stream both music as well as video to my Boxee (on an Xtreamer Ultra Linux box). Pascal Widdershoven has published a really simple and quick to install […]