In the great tradition of the ever linking web, here are a bunch of my personal all time favorites:

  • ArsDigita was a great concept for a startup. Now they are dead, and only the excellent software is left (open of course). RedHat picked it up and now sells it as part of their enterprise solutions.
  • was the ArsDigita University. Great coursework, and all available on-line.
  • Developer Works from IBM brings one of the best resources from one of the most innovative companies nowadays.
  • Slashdot to me is one of the definitive news sites. It grew a little wide, but still retains the raw uncensored quality of a community that interacts 24/7.
  • Freshmeat provides me with the latest and greatest in software. I have never went there to look for something and came back empty handed. If you do, write your own code, and use sourceforge to manage and publish it.
  • If you still could not find your way, you definitely need to Google it. (this was written in 1999 when Google was still in beta so excuse the obviousness…)