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  • Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime – more links turn out in study

    Whenever you look at cybercrime/eCrime, the question always pops up – what is the link between this highly sofisticated economy and aggregation of technologies, with government affairs or cyberwarfare. The answer would usually be “it depends”… Actually depending on who you ask, and what level of involvement they have with studying cyberwarfare as well as […]

  • Practical vs. Regulatory – the votes are in!

    I was thinking about translating my recent article I wrote for the Israeli Insurance Association (see my last post), but decided to completely rewrite it so it would apply to a more general public rather than to the select few insurance industry professionals in Israel. The basic realm of what we are all doing on […]

  • Hitting the nail on the head

    When we here at the MCRC are publishing our quarterly trends reports (http://www.finjan.com/Content.aspx?id=827), we are always facing the possibility that what we have been working on and predicting that would become the next issue with web security, isn’t really going to happen. Fortunately, we keep getting great feedback from the community since we started the […]