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  • Tying up loose ends before Vegas (scammer closure)

    Instead of updating the post in question (again), I figured I’ll post all the new info here and call this a wrap. So, we all know about the security scammer now, and the different ways he is working to defraud innocent users and steal their data and money. It has been quite an experience tracking […]

  • The Turkish hack and another case for IL-CERT

    You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Turkish hack a couple of days ago. Basically – a Turkish hacker forum that bolsters a strong anti-Israeli attitude has been practicing hacking and mostly defacing Israeli sites for the past few months (years). Now, this is nothing new, and as I […]

  • How [not to] scam security people

    An analysis of a rogue security tool that tries to steal passwords and scam people out of their paypal money and accounts.

  • The China/Google thing, accountants and other miscreants

    Aha! Can’t believe I managed to avoid the unbelievable hype flood that swept across the interwebs in the last month. And to think that the last post (long overdue, I know… had REALLY good reasons for not being able to post anything) was somewhat oracleish in predicting that this would be the focus of this […]

  • Malicious ads circa 2007

    Malicious ads are plaguing the web? Not unless it’s news from 2007…