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  • The power of collaboration (BlueHat post)

    Collaborating on the blueHat blog post, and getting some additional insights

  • Cyber[FUD]Fare – repost from fudsec.com

    As promised – here is the “official” cross-post from my guest appearance on fudsec.com. Enjoy! I’ve been intravenously fed with FUD for as long as I’ve been in the business. The main strategy for understanding that you are facing FUD is to realize that there is a financial motivation behind the FUD-spreading entity. This has…

  • Getting a business degree as part of Security Research?

    What a great time to start thinking of travel – the weather is fairing up, June is here, and fortunately for me, I have a chance to take the driver seat again at another BlueHat conference! This time it’s in Brussels and I’m really looking forward to talking again about one of my favorite topics…

  • BlueHat post on the state of web security

    I’ve been asked to contribute once again to the Microsoft BlueHat blog, and have written a quick “state of the web security” post. Check it out, and as always, feel free to comment or discuss whether in agreement or not. The post is located here. Cheers.