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Career in Information Security

So, here comes the time when I say out loud something about where I work on this blog… My company – Security Art, is at the challenging phase where we are growing rapidly, and as a result are also looking to grow our excellent team.

If you ever ran a small company you know how hard this phase is. Making sure not to outgrow the amount of work you can take, making sure you can still deliver the top-notch services you got your customers used to (and what built your reputation in the first place), managing the growth, having people trained and lined up to the way you do business, the list goes on and on…

Bottom line, It’s one of the more exciting (and scary) phases that a boutique company such as ours goes through, and we are looking for more talents to join our team.

Beyond the “standard” job descriptions you can find on the careers page on our company website, I can only say that:

  1. We work hard. Probably harder than you have worked before. Ask around and people who know us can tell you.
  2. We love what we do. See 1. If we wouldn’t have, we would have burnet out years ago. This is our passion, this is our hobby, and this is what we are good at.
  3. We are all n00bs. Anyone who thinks they are an expert at something and therefore have reached some faux pinnacle of their career is probably not in InfoSec. We learn new things every day. We research new technologies, law systems, politics, people, societies, companies, business, finance and other areas on an ongoing basis. The landscape keeps changing and our job it not only to stay on top of everything, it’s also to plan ahead, and try to predict what’s going to be the next challenge. By definition, 80% of what we look into will not be relevant. It’s the 20% that does that makes it later to presentations in security conferences…

Now that you got a little taste from the “behind the scenes” of what we are looking for, and think you can step up to the plate – please do!

Looking forward to see some new blood whom we can all learn from a few more things and share our passion with.

P.S. No I didn’t forget 4 (and people who know me can attest to the fact that there is a no. 4) – party hard. Just as you need to kick-ass in your work, you are allowedrequired to party just as hard 😉