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  • Phishing/Threatening done wrong

    It’s been a long time since I posted here since life and work really got in the way (in a very good way!) to publishing here. But I just had to share this as it has some relevance to security… So, woke up this morning to an email claiming to be from FARC (yes –…

  • SexyDefense comes to Vegas!

    One of the best things that probably happened to the research on SexyDefense is that it has been accepted to BlackHat Briefings in Las Vegas! It is truly one of the highest indicators for me that we are on the right track in making some change in the defensive paradigm, especially in light of the…

  • SCADA, control systems and security – not necessarily enemies

    Insights from the NISA International SCADA Security Forum conference (NISA stands for National Information Security Authority, which is a division of the Israeli Security Agency). We all know that SCADA has been considered a security nightmare for a long time. Admittedly, I only have a short experience with such systems and control systems in general…

  • The power of collaboration (BlueHat post)

    Collaborating on the blueHat blog post, and getting some additional insights

  • Pentesters and businessman are doing it wrong

    What we are doing wrong as a security services industry, what businesses are doing wrong when they engage us, and how to fix it