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Sexy Defense

So, Source Boston proved to be a great venue for the inauguration of the Sexy Defense paper and talk that I was working on recently. Had a great time both developing the concepts, as well as discussing them before, on stage, and especially after the talk.

I really was amazed by the great feedback that people had to this, especially from some of my more respected peers. It’s always a great feeling to get an “attaboy” from people you consider experts in their fields.

For convenience, here is the slide-deck I used during the talk. Would love to get more feedback and ideas for pushing this forward into more organizations, and to hear about ways to improve both on the strategy itself, as well as on how to “sell” it, or get organizational “buy-in” internally.

Last but not least – this could not have been done without the support and the peer-review from some of my friends and colleagues: Chris Nickerson, Brian Honan, Chris John Riley, Wim Remes, and Leon van der Eijk. Thanks for going through this and providing excellent commentary and insights!


Update: Dark Reading have posted a great article by Robert Lemos covering the topic, with a really insightful analysis and additional views.