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  • The community to the rescue again

    I’ve had some hard time coming up with this post. I had the great opportunity to travel quite a bit lately – specifically to Berlin where basically EVERYBODY in security was at ph-neutral (have I thanked FX yet? I think so, but anyway – great con/party!). It all started in Berlin when I realized what…

  • Cyber[Crime|War] – connecting the dots – BlackHat EU 2010

    Hola from Barcelona! It’s been a very productive couple of days here. Quite a lineup for this version of the BlackHat briefings out here. I had the great fortune of speaking right after a fantastic opening by Jeff Moss (BlackHat founder and director) and Max Kelly (Facebook’s CSO) that just set me up perfectly –…

  • Cyber[FUD]Fare – repost from fudsec.com

    As promised – here is the “official” cross-post from my guest appearance on fudsec.com. Enjoy! I’ve been intravenously fed with FUD for as long as I’ve been in the business. The main strategy for understanding that you are facing FUD is to realize that there is a financial motivation behind the FUD-spreading entity. This has…

  • New post on fudsec.com – CyberFUDfare

    Just a quick FYI – a new post by yours truly has been published over at fudsec.com. One of my favorite blogs with some really cool contents (still wondering how I ended up publishing there 🙂 ) Have fun reading: http://fudsec.com/cyberfudfare

  • It’s all about the money

    Coverage of the latest developments in the ZeuS botnet software licensing, and fighting the botnet internet connectivity.