Tag: eCrime

  • How [not to] scam security people

    An analysis of a rogue security tool that tries to steal passwords and scam people out of their paypal money and accounts.

  • Identity crisis

    Here’s a common question I get asked a lot: “What technology should I use to secure my server/network/[some technology]?” The question is usually presented by someone who’s in charge of “Security” in an organization. Now, I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if this was a technician, or a pen-tester of sorts, but I…

  • Cyber[Crime|War] – connecting the dots – BlackHat EU 2010

    Hola from Barcelona! It’s been a very productive couple of days here. Quite a lineup for this version of the BlackHat briefings out here. I had the great fortune of speaking right after a fantastic opening by Jeff Moss (BlackHat founder and director) and Max Kelly (Facebook’s CSO) that just set me up perfectly –…

  • It’s all about the money

    Coverage of the latest developments in the ZeuS botnet software licensing, and fighting the botnet internet connectivity.

  • CyberCrime, CyberWarfare, and 2010

    I’ll spare you the “2009 security in review” which you can read just about anywhere else you go now. I’ll also avoid the “what to expect in security in 2010” because everyone would just reiterate the same stuff they saw coming to life in 2009… What I would do is give a quick preview on…