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  • Who owns your online identity? Facebook squatters on the rise

    I have just read a couple of excellent posts (on SquaredPeg, and InsideFacebook) that talk about something I have been preaching for a while – your online identity and how easily it can be manipulated (or falsely created). The posts talk about Facebook groups and accounts that have been created for the class of 2013 […]

  • Christmas shopping online – make sure you get what you PAY for

    In the line of our ongoing “education”, we all know by now that eCrime is no longer lurking right there waiting for victims to come knocking, but is rather working vigilantly to ensure that whatever picks up the most interest online at any given moment is being used to boost the profitability of eCrime. Having […]

  • Hosting provider crackdown?

    Recently, there has been a lot of focus from the security research community on a hosting provider named McColo corporation (out of San Jose, CA). Reports on spam, phishing and connections to Malweb distribution amongst other have been accumulating (including our own malicious server analysis which has been spotted to be administered from a McColo […]

  • Obama Leads in US Presidential Election Poll – the eCrime Way

    And the leader according to the highly non-scientific research done using Google for a specific attack vector is: Barack Obama. Obama related sites have managed to get infected in such a way that they attack their visitors in 364 separate instances, while McCain is right behind with 230 instances. As always, and as we have […]

  • Taking the Red Pill Down the Rabbit Hole

    I’ve been contemplating a title for this post for a long time, eventually I decided to merge two of my favorites (and leave the third alone: looking for the cuckoo’s egg). Basically, after a couple of weeks of almost nonstop work on a major research project (hence the relatively quiet blog), and some major news […]