Tag: eCrime

  • Crimeware server and the international man of mystery

    While conducting research for the latest Malicious Page of the Month we have just released, we tried to track down the origins of the crimeware. Obviously, this is a daunting task by itself, and although sometimes security researchers are able to point at specific people as the ones running the criminal activity, it does not […]

  • Playing with obfuscators – teaching an old dog new tricks…

    So our Malicious Page of the Month for September is out now. Going over the details of the document, I wanted to re-visit an old habit I had back in the days of putting code to the test – especially when the code in subject is simple, and has been signature to hell by every […]

  • Widgets+Advertisements=?

    Coincidence or just sheer luck, but I just happened to stumble upon this article announcing that Google has come up with a widget that serves advertisements, and quoting the source: “A variety of web technologies can be used to create the ad, including Flash and HTML to author it, and RSS, images, video, and audio […]

  • Malicious space on MySpace

    Last Wednesday (June 13th), SecureBrowsing has alerted us on a “cute” MySpace profile being used as a malicious code attack vector. This is not the first catch by SecureBrowsing, but to see one on MySpace this late into 2007 was a bit of a surprise. We have been talking about the risks of Web2.0 in […]

  • Malicious code, exploit vectors or top-programmer job?

    What would you say if you saw one of these code snippets in a website you browse to: dim tass Set tass = CreateObject(“CnsHelper.CH”) If IsObject(tass) then HasCns = true else HasCns = false end if or: function winIE5upPlyrDetect(){ var playerAxObj; var iectlAxObj; try{ iectlAxObj = new ActiveXObject(“Shell.Explorer”); } catch(e){ } try{ or: var fs […]