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  • Thoughts about the Apple vs FBI iPhone firmware case

    Not trying to provide the full story here, just a few thoughts and directions as to security, privacy and civil rights. (for the backdrop – Apple’s Tim Cook letter explains it best: https://www.apple.com/customer-letter/) From a technical perspective, Apple is fully capable to alleviating a lot of the barriers the FBI is currently facing with unlocking […]

  • Mail Encryption for Android?

    So, now that the saga with having a decent GPG mail client for Mac has been finally resolved (huge kudos to the guys at gpgtools!), it’s time to get some encryption love on an Android device. I don’t know if you ever ended up searching for any decent GPG/PGP/SMIME (not that anyone uses SMIME) mail […]

  • Apple, meet GPG, GPG, meet Apple.

    Why is it so f&^#ing difficult to get this right? I’m looking at you “recently identified as the most valuable public company” – Apple! The guys at GPGTools are doing some fantastic work in bringing a comprehensive GPG implementation into Mac OS X, and Apple seem to not only ignore the need for such an […]