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  • The curious case of Dropbox security

    After the disclosure of the host_id authentication issues that plagued the popular Dropbox service last week, a new issue came up with the fact that Dropbox can detect whether the files you are trying to upload to their cloud already exist there, and “save you the bandwidth” of uploading it if they already have a […]

  • Tying up loose ends before Vegas (scammer closure)

    Instead of updating the post in question (again), I figured I’ll post all the new info here and call this a wrap. So, we all know about the security scammer now, and the different ways he is working to defraud innocent users and steal their data and money. It has been quite an experience tracking […]

  • Identity crisis

    Here’s a common question I get asked a lot: “What technology should I use to secure my server/network/[some technology]?” The question is usually presented by someone who’s in charge of “Security” in an organization. Now, I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if this was a technician, or a pen-tester of sorts, but I […]

  • Who owns your online identity? Facebook squatters on the rise

    I have just read a couple of excellent posts (on SquaredPeg, and InsideFacebook) that talk about something I have been preaching for a while – your online identity and how easily it can be manipulated (or falsely created). The posts talk about Facebook groups and accounts that have been created for the class of 2013 […]