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  • Debunking the “8200”, “81” and other #### ex-Israeli Army Intelligence myth

    I’m a known and pretty vocal advocate of self learning, self starting, and inquisitive entrepreneurial spirit. As such, I’ve witnessed over my years in the security industry, a lot of occasions where the halo or myth surrounding some so-called “elite” units in the Israeli Army Intelligence has blinded people. Such blindness comes from a very […]

  • ISTS12 Keynote and Red Team

    I’ve had the pleasure and the honor to keynote this year’s ISTS (Information Security Talent Search) that ran at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Additionally I was also fortunate to get a seat with the Red Team during the event itself and work closely with some of my friends and colleagues. It has been […]

  • Honest review – CSI:Cyber

    There seems to be a lot of chatter (at least on my highly biased Twitter and Facebook feeds) about how terrible of a show CSI:Cyber was. People seem to be extremely concerned about the fact that the show did not portray all the hacking related activities (cyber, infosec, whatever you want to call it) precisely […]

  • Security and maturity – beating the averages

    So, There’s this new (for me) LinkedIn “publishing” thing, that prompted me to try it as I was posting a semi-rant there. Let’s see how well that works out: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140531211959-1510435-security-and-maturity-beating-the-averages?trk=prof-post

  • Getting things right goes a long way when you are bleeding

    I’m starting to see a trend here with the weekend posts. I can stomach most of the FUD during the work days, but things get to me through the weekend. Oh well. There goes a “mandatory” heartbleed post: Yes, it’s a bad one. No it’s not the worst one. And no – the sky isn’t […]