Tag: Information security

  • Introducing SexyDefence

    After a long time of no updates, I’m finally back to a “normal” schedule, but as always – there’s some new project that emerges from just being around extremely smart people and accessibility of alcohol… So, during an exciting tweeting session at the SecurityZone green room (which is never green BTW), where all of us […]

  • SecurityZone – to finish this year with a bang!

    So, some of you have heard of SecurityZone, some are skeptical and some just jealous. Here’s the gist of it from my view: Professional: Awesome lineup. We managed (and I allow myself to say we as I might have had some help with getting some of the speakers) to get some of the coolest names […]

  • Information Security, Homeland Security, and finding someone to pin it on

    In the recent spree of cyber attacks on a plethora of US and international government and federal related establishments a lot of speculations are being thrown around as authorities are trying to find the threat community behind it. As computer systems are reigning most of the control over our daily lives – from transportation, through […]

  • Post Brucon thoughts – guesstimates in an engineering field

    So, another epic Brucon has ended, and while everyone is getting their thoughts together again (the amount of super smart people I have had the pleasure to have conversations with is unimaginable), I wanted to post a quick recap. First things first – numbers. I’ve been working with the FAIR methodology quite a while now, […]

  • How great perimeter defenses are hurting you

    I have looked for a good example for a real-world security practice that is misconceived and that also applies to information security. Recently I have had a chance to read an opinion article that talks about physical security measures that are put in to protect small populations (read army bases, gated communities, etc…) and how […]