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  • Post RSA musings

    So it finally happened – I’ve had my first RSA in 9 years. And what an experience. Suffice to say that I ended that week with no voice, a bad back, and minimally functioning knees, but given the premise of the show I’d peg is as a huge success. First – having BSides to catch […]

  • Women in infosec? That thing again?

    I usually don’t weigh in on the topic, well, because I don’t have the right equipment for once, and furthermore, I think that the majority of discussions around it are led by people who woefully misrepresent most of the women in infosec that I know. But I have to share this: Jennifer J. Minella (@jjx on twitter) […]

  • Picking up the glove – DC9723

    Every time I get back from the annual DefCon/BlackHat/BSides conferences in Vegas, i usually run into some of the local security folks that managed to make the trip as well, and the plan ride home usually goes like this:”so, this year was pretty cool, huh?”, “yeah, funny how we only get to meet up so […]