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  • Information Security Intelligence Report for 2010 and Predictions for 2011

    Looking back at 2010 shows a widening gap between cybercrime and law enforcement capabilities, in conjunction to nations that have started the cyber-race to develop defensive and offensive capabilities. Most of the attacks analyzed in 2010 depict organizations that fall behind in their defensive strategies as attackers take advantage of a hybrid approach that merges […]

  • The Botnet Wars – industry Q&A

    I was approached recently by Bart P from Panda security in order to participate in an industry expert Q&A about the botnet wars (apparently he did his homework as he got quite the lineup to participate in this, guessed he can count me as a close miss :-)…). He managed to compile a great Q&A where […]

  • Mapping and Security Research

    From the “We should have trademarked this” department: McAfee came out with their “Mapping the Mal Web“[PDF] report and are proving that innovation is best left for the smaller players to meddle with, only to be used later by the big guys. Not that there is anything revolutionary about the report – it’s the same […]

  • DefCon 17 talk video available!

    DefCon 17 talk video of my talk

  • Malicious ads circa 2007

    Malicious ads are plaguing the web? Not unless it’s news from 2007…