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ExoticLiability podcast interview

ExoticLiability  logoOK, so a quick shameless plug for me and a couple of good friends at EL: I had the pleasure of throwing it all out with the ExoticLiability crew over the weekend, which ended up in a pretty cool podcast. Check it out at www.exoticliability.com (episode 51).

May not be completely safe for listening to at work (especially not with speakers…).

On that note (of shameless plugs) and as we noted on the podcast, if any of you know (or are) potential sponsors for BSides, and ExcaliburCon (especially if you have or want exposure in the Chinese market) feel free to contact us – g0d be my witness it’s not really expensive to sponsor, but critical as these shows are not cheap…

Closing up for now (until later this week probably – expect some new material), just a heads up on the upcoming speaking engagements:

April 14-15 at BlackHat EU in Barcelona, Spain.

June 13-18 at FIRST in Miami FL.

More to come soon…

More on the browser OS – from Microsoft Research

After talking about how your next operating system is not going to be related to Windows or Mac or Linux (hint – you are reading this post using it… more details on our Annual report and predictions paper), I came across this research from Microsoft (direct to the PDF here) that talks about how to construct a secure browser OS given the fact that web browsing has moved quite substantially from viewing static web pages to almost running an OS on the browser.

The MS guys portray a secure browser constructed as a multi-principal operating system, while covering a lot of security fundamentals that are missing or lacking a proper implementation in modern browsers. A highly recommended reading and definitely worth following up on.