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  • ExoticLiability podcast interview

    OK, so a quick shameless plug for me and a couple of good friends at EL: I had the pleasure of throwing it all out with the ExoticLiability crew over the weekend, which ended up in a pretty cool podcast. Check it out at www.exoticliability.com (episode 51). May not be completely safe for listening to at […]

  • The China/Google thing, accountants and other miscreants

    Aha! Can’t believe I managed to avoid the unbelievable hype flood that swept across the interwebs in the last month. And to think that the last post (long overdue, I know… had REALLY good reasons for not being able to post anything) was somewhat oracleish in predicting that this would be the focus of this […]

  • CyberCrime, CyberWarfare, and 2010

    I’ll spare you the “2009 security in review” which you can read just about anywhere else you go now. I’ll also avoid the “what to expect in security in 2010” because everyone would just reiterate the same stuff they saw coming to life in 2009… What I would do is give a quick preview on […]

  • Mapping and Security Research

    From the “We should have trademarked this” department: McAfee came out with their “Mapping the Mal Web“[PDF] report and are proving that innovation is best left for the smaller players to meddle with, only to be used later by the big guys. Not that there is anything revolutionary about the report – it’s the same […]

  • AHA! A blast from the past…

    I just ran across this great blog post from Lori MacVittie at Web2.0 Journal. Can’t say exactly why it sparked my interest, but after reading it I realized this may be Freudian… The proposed Anonymous Human Authentication (AHA – great acronym Lori!) proposed in it closely resembles a technology we worked on back in the days […]