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  • ExoticLiability podcast interview

    OK, so a quick shameless plug for me and a couple of good friends at EL: I had the pleasure of throwing it all out with the ExoticLiability crew over the weekend, which ended up in a pretty cool podcast. Check it out at www.exoticliability.com (episode 51). May not be completely safe for listening to at […]

  • ExcaliburCon summary and general China notes

    So, It’s been quite some time since ExcaliburCon has been concluded, and I have been delaying this post due to some other work related activities that jumped on me right as I landed back home. Anyway, I’ll try to cover as much as I can remember (thanks to a cumulative photographic memory of all the […]

  • (Hebrew) Information Risk Management – Israeli Insurance Industry

    Just a quick cross post to an article I wrote for the Israeli Insurance Association (this one in Hebrew – an English post will be uploaded to this blog soon). The full article can be found here: http://www.igudbit.org.il/Index.asp?ArticleID=1179&CategoryID=98.

  • Are you LinkedIn/Facebooked/Twittered/Beboed/Viadeoed/etc?

    I’ve just finished reading a great little note from Brian Krebs on the Washington Post that enabled me to “out” (don’t worry, I won’t) an incident that some of us in the security industry have been following in the last few days. One of “ours” has been hijacked on Tweeter, and the impersonator who hijacked […]

  • Conficker madness – good or bad?

    Just like BBC’s botnet debacle which fueled a vivid discussion amongst security circles, debating if the exposure is good (i.e., raising awareness to the threat) or bad (i.e., not really ethical, everyone knew about the ability to rent a botnet), CBS’s 60 minutes had a 15 minute spot focusing on Conficker. Check it out here: […]