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  • Post BlackHat, pre DefCon

    So it’s been a really hectic couple of days here in Vegas. We are here (myself and 2 members of MCRC – Aviv & Amir), running between presentations, and handling booth/media traffic. The really interesting trend here is the amount of research that touched web security (in the sense that we at Finjan are focused […]

  • Have something to hide? make a lot of noise about it!

    There has been a lot of noise on the web over the past few days in regard to the MPack toolkit being used in the Italy region. Everyone has been talking about it vigorously: From the washington post, WebSense, TrendMicro, so eventually even Slashdot picked up on it. The interesting thing is, no one is […]

  • Google’s “Ghost in a Browser”, WebSense, and more…

    First things first – big Kudos to Google for their research paper. We at MCRC have found it to be very reassuring for us – now we know we are not the only nuts out there running around in the security arena and wondering how come nobody sees the imminent threats described in the paper. […]