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  • Breaking news: Spy agencies are spying!

    Please say it ain’t so! Spy agencies are spying? I’m actually going to go out on a limb here and present my (again – MY) opinion, which might pass as complicated by people with very deterministic views (or are being spoon-fed said views through the media of their choice). First – I think that the […]

  • Hiding behing the keyboard

    This post is basically a placeholder to make sure that the materials concerning an ongoing investigation are published for everyone to see. The other reason is that it seems like people think they can get away with anything when hiding behind a keyboard. WARNING – this post contains direct transcripts from online chats, some of […]

  • On the (dis)merits of privacy

    Following up on my last post, after filing a complaint with the abuse department of privacyprotect.org (and blogging about the problem), I have just received an update noting that: –quote– On investigating on your complaint , we have determined that the domain name “SPYWARESAFE.NET ” is in violation of the terms of usage of the […]

  • Taking down a malicious site – the good, the bad, and the ugly…

    As part of the “closure” on the February Malicious Page of the Month, which involved meoryprof.info (taken down), and spywaresafe.net we have contacted the appropriate parties in order to notify them that these websites contain malicious code. Meoryprof.info was the first to buckle (probably under the press exposure), but spywaresafe.net have managed to stay afloat […]