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  • Malicious ads circa 2007

    Malicious ads are plaguing the web? Not unless it’s news from 2007…

  • Optimizing Cross Site Scripting – and general security practices

    We have been working recently on a XSS attack that impacted  a huge number of  potential victims, as the attack itself has been “optimized” by SEO (Seacrh Engine Optimization) practices that pushed it to Google’s indexes. In itself, this is not a new technique, but the sheer size of it made us take a second […]

  • Widgets+Advertisements=?

    Coincidence or just sheer luck, but I just happened to stumble upon this article announcing that Google has come up with a widget that serves advertisements, and quoting the source: “A variety of web technologies can be used to create the ad, including Flash and HTML to author it, and RSS, images, video, and audio […]