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This one time, at Defcon… (a blast from the past)

Wow, there’s a blog here…

Lucky for me there are other people who write new content that somehow relates to this blog so I have a chance to point to them and say “cool stuff, look there!”.

My good friend Itzik Kotler has just written a blog post about bypassing DLP systems using some of our elements from last year’s DefCon talk (and BSides, and Hashdays, and Brucon, you get the idea…). It features some awkwardly written code (yours truly) and some wickedly useful evasion techniques (still mostly unhandled :-)).

The post is right here: http://blog.ikotler.org/2012/07/modulation-and-data-loss-prevention-dlp.html so go check out Itzik’s blog, and feel free to fork off the code and improve (fix?) it.

See you all in a couple of weeks in Vegas! (at the SexyDefense session…)

SexyDefense comes to Vegas!

One of the best things that probably happened to the research on SexyDefense is that it has been accepted to BlackHat Briefings in Las Vegas!

It is truly one of the highest indicators for me that we are on the right track in making some change in the defensive paradigm, especially in light of the newly added defense track for BlackHat. An opportunity to capture the attention of a large and high-visibility audience while putting a harsh mirror in their faces is something that I have been looking forward to do for some time.

So there you go – Vegas this year is shaping up to be really interesting. With BSidesLV (in which I’m also involved as a volunteer and mentor) running along BlackHat, and the 20th DefCon, you really can’t miss it.

See you all there!