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  • Blocking Facebook? Not popular, and not effective

    OK, so we know that social networking sites have their issues and threats associated with them, we’ll be the first to admit it. But on the same note, we also know that just blocking/censoring them (pick the more politically correct term) is not working either. This is in light of the Maryland general assembly’s decision […]

  • What’s been on people’s minds lately?

    As we have been predicting (and following during 2008), the criminal’s mind is very much attuned to public mind. The current issues that everyone (well, at least a lot of us) has been dealing with are the current economical situation, and what president Obama is going to do about it. Without fail, eCriminals have been […]

  • Social networking strikes again

    A lot of write-ups have been covering this, so here are a few from InformationWeek, Dancho, SCMagazine and McAfee. Besides saying the ever satisfying “told you so”, nothing much to add here. More bogus profiles enticing users to connect to them, look at the content, and catch the same old nastiness – only packaged in […]