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  • The power of collaboration (BlueHat post)

    Collaborating on the blueHat blog post, and getting some additional insights

  • The Botnet Wars – industry Q&A

    I was approached recently by Bart P from Panda security in order to participate in an industry expert Q&A about the botnet wars (apparently he did his homework as he got quite the lineup to participate in this, guessed he can count me as a close miss :-)…). He managed to compile a great Q&A where […]

  • Learning from stux, and connecting more dots in infosec

    Learning from stuxnet on how we are exposed to similar attacks. Connecting the dots between technology, society, and the human factor when talking about cyberwarfare.

  • The Turkish hack and another case for IL-CERT

    You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Turkish hack a couple of days ago. Basically – a Turkish hacker forum that bolsters a strong anti-Israeli attitude has been practicing hacking and mostly defacing Israeli sites for the past few months (years). Now, this is nothing new, and as I […]

  • Cloud Security Alliance Conference (Israel) – CFP

    Just wanted to let you all know (as a member of the CSA-IL board) that we will be having a conference on September 2nd who’s title is “Cloud Security Technology and Innovations” in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We expect to have great participation from all areas of the industry, are working on a great venue to host […]