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  • Identity crisis

    Here’s a common question I get asked a lot: “What technology should I use to secure my server/network/[some technology]?” The question is usually presented by someone who’s in charge of “Security” in an organization. Now, I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if this was a technician, or a pen-tester of sorts, but I […]

  • Being in the middle (or: things we didn’t manage to learn in a decade)

    Things that we should be fixing in security.

  • It’s all about the money

    Coverage of the latest developments in the ZeuS botnet software licensing, and fighting the botnet internet connectivity.

  • Offtopic – a story about customer service (or lack of such)

    So some of you know that I switched (back) to a mac. Great. One tiny thing mudded the whole experience – a couple of days after getting the Macbook Pro, I’m finding a single “stuck” pixel. Really annoying (nothing life-threatning, but definitely not Apple-like…). So I call support. Great guys on the phone, really appreciative […]

  • AHA! A blast from the past…

    I just ran across this great blog post from Lori MacVittie at Web2.0 Journal. Can’t say exactly why it sparked my interest, but after reading it I realized this may be Freudian… The proposed Anonymous Human Authentication (AHA – great acronym Lori!) proposed in it closely resembles a technology we worked on back in the days […]