About me : Work

ZeroFOX is a social media cyber security startup. I am curently serving as a Vice President there, leading research, marketing initiatives, product strategy, and a services arm.

I am also serving on the board of directors of BSides Las Vegas" as a general director, and on the Advisory Board of Axon Cyber.

My last high-end consulting role was with IOActive, where I was the Director of Services, leading the business in EMEA, and later on in the east coast

Security & Innovation is a consulting firm that I manage, which provides strategic security consulting services to companies in the security market. Anything from re-strategzing a product line, to marketing and driving innovation - technical and otherwise...

Previously I served as the Director of Security Research for Aladdin, which means responsibility for everything security related in the content security business unit, future product development, marketing related security activities, as well as Competitive Intelligence.

I used to be the Director of Security Research at Finjan, heading the MCRC (Malicious Code Research Center), as well as other business activities in the company.

Previously I served as the VP Research & Development in GooMe interactive, which on top of the R&D tasks, also included product management tasks.

I was one of the founders of a security startup, and also used to provide information security and technology consulting.

Before that, I worked for a company called Datavantage and held a director level position in R&D as well as the role of CSO.

I used to work for Praxell for a while, before Datavantage took over the North American business, and made me a contract line ;-).

Before that, I was hacking for money for Comsec where I have learned that as long as you can out-think your clients you are king (in terms of thinking differently of course - I have had great clients...) and that real in-depth technical knowledge is not common (people - just sit down for a few days and STUDY...). And it got me through the University nicely, especially when you graduate with your peers and they have to get the jobs you never wanted, while you are a few rungs up the ladder already.

I have had the pleasure to talk at the most respectable conferences in my field such as BlackHat, DefCon, BlueHat, InfoSecurity, and more...
I was also frequently interviewed by leading pring and web magazines and news outlets, speaking about web security, eCrime, and technology (see this page for a somewhat disorganized sampler).

You can find a somewhat recent resume here, and my LinkedIn profile here.