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  • The Product Versus Skill Pendulum In Security And The Need For Better Solutions

    This post was originally published on Forbes Security used to be easy–a fairly binary condition over whether you are protected or not, whether you are patched or not, or whether the port is accessible to outside IP addresses or not. And then came complexity: Overlaying different aspects of vulnerabilities. Factoring in application issues, platform bugs, […]

  • An obituary to pentesting?

    I just saw a blog post in which Mike Kemp discovers the realities of 2010 (linkedin). (disclaimer – I know Mike and love him as a person, and this is my way of poking at him a bit – no disrespect here, but pretty much the opposite) Now, go read that post (yes, I know, it’s […]

  • Yes, you knew exactly what you were walking into…

    I’m writing this in response to a very well put together article written by my friend Dave Lewis on CSO Online: “Are you a legitimate military target?“. In the article Dave talks about how security researchers, practitioners, and security vendors are suddenly “surprised” to find themselves potentially being under the scrutiny of foreign (and guess […]

  • Post RSA musings

    So it finally happened – I’ve had my first RSA in 9 years. And what an experience. Suffice to say that I ended that week with no voice, a bad back, and minimally functioning knees, but given the premise of the show I’d peg is as a huge success. First – having BSides to catch […]

  • May the force? May in full force…

    Lack of updates here usually means that time constraints are in effect… But apparently all that work is paying off as some of the research we have been working on is starting to get front-and-center stage. May marks a busy month where I’ll be bouncing around a few places (São Paulo, North Carolina, and locally […]

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