Malicious space on MySpace

Last Wednesday (June 13th), SecureBrowsing has alerted us on a “cute” MySpace profile being used as a malicious code attack vector. This is not the first catch by SecureBrowsing, but to see one on MySpace this late into 2007 was a bit of a surprise.

We have been talking about the risks of Web2.0 in terms of user contributed content (actually since our Q3-2006 trends report), and have been watching the space for the upraise (remember Wikipedia) and downfall (sites started paying more attention to the stuff they publish that was directly contributed by users) of malicious code on such sites.

The security violations were found on two different profiles, and contained two different malicious attacks (see below) – the first picture shows a QuickTime exploit that contained a Trojan Downloader, and the second one is a WMA exploit containing – a Trojan Downloader…



The MySpace abuse team was fairly quick to take down the malicious code (in less than 24 hours) – good job guys!

Obviously our customers have been protected from these kind of attacks for a long time, and can fearlessly browse the internet, as well as SecureBrowsing users who got alerted on the specific profile that contained the malicious code in real-time and without the need to update or look up in some kind of database…


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