Post BlackHat, pre DefCon

So it’s been a really hectic couple of days here in Vegas. We are here (myself and 2 members of MCRC – Aviv & Amir), running between presentations, and handling booth/media traffic.

The really interesting trend here is the amount of research that touched web security (in the sense that we at Finjan are focused on). From Kaminsky who talked about the browser being the attack vector to get to the core of the intranet, through the research from SPI (kudos Billy), CaffeineMonkey from the guys at SecureWorks, and so on and so forth (sorry if I left out anyone – I’m still working on 3 differemt time zones and keeping up with the “schedule” here…).

This means so much for us and really gives us a huge boost in terms of putting more research effort and working with our colleagues from other vendors.

In this optimistic tone, we are now facing DefCon – be sure to catch our presentation on Sunday – this stuff is really hot…


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