Are you LinkedIn/Facebooked/Twittered/Beboed/Viadeoed/etc?

I’ve just finished reading a great little note from Brian Krebs on the Washington Post that enabled me to “out” (don’t worry, I won’t) an incident that some of us in the security industry have been following in the last few days. One of “ours” has been hijacked on Tweeter, and the impersonator who hijacked him was twittering some rants and raves that actually close to this person’s professional life.

This makes you think again of what we have been discussing in the annual threat report on social networking threats getting real. Once again, our recommendation is – get your online identity straightened out. Make sure you are aware of who you are online, own your identity online – even if that means registering to the major social networks just to “plant your flag” as Brian so eloquently put it (as long as you point the flag to the social networking identity you actually use…).

Check out the original article by Brian here, and our annual report here [PDF].


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