CyberCrime, CyberWarfare, and 2010

I’ll spare you the “2009 security in review” which you can read just about anywhere else you go now. I’ll also avoid the “what to expect in security in 2010” because everyone would just reiterate the same stuff they saw coming to life in 2009…

What I would do is give a quick preview on some areas of interest which I’m focusing on now – as you know, CyberCrime has been a big thing in terms of a research topic for me during the last few years. As expected, the simple technical stuff has been less of a focus (predictable, not so innovative), and the behind the scenes of how this whole thing works as a business and an industry have been the areas of innovation and true new insights on my part. As the research I conducted and managed chugged through, the many evidence that came to view also contained additional “leads” into areas that I have not explored firsthand before. That’s exactly what I’m knee-deep in now…

There have been rumors (some of them sprinkled by yours truly in my latest talks worldwide) of links between CyberCrime and nation endorsed CyberWar. In an attempt (which would hopefully not completely fail 😉 ) to make some sense out of the materials gathered and the links mapped thus far, I’ll have something ready pretty soon for peer review (if I nagged you than now you know why…), and a more public presentation of the material (again – hopefully at some of the security conferences of 2010).

So, just about making it to the first post of 2010 here, have a great year, and… stay safe out there 🙂



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  2. Hi, Interesting, did you plan to continue this article?
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