Picking up the glove – DC9723

Every time I get back from the annual DefCon/BlackHat/BSides conferences in Vegas, i usually run into some of the local security folks that managed to make the trip as well, and the plan ride home usually goes like this:”so, this year was pretty cool, huh?”, “yeah, funny how we only get to meet up so far away from home”, “right! Isn’t that a shame that we don’t have any local conferences back in Israel?…”.
You get the idea.
So, after many years of just complaining and saying that we suck, we decided to finally give it a go (we being my colleague Itzik Kotler and myself).
Ergo, DefCon group 9723 (or DC9723 for short).
We have bought the domain, set up a site, and called for the first meeting to be in Tel-Aviv on December 21st. Hope that this will finally bring this disjoint community together and will get us up to par with other communities all around the world.
See you there!

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